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Aug 8, 2013 4:30am PDT
. >>> we are following breaking news a. shooting rampage in the dallas area involving at least two different locations. we're learning children are among the victims. we'll have all the datest details next. >>> the head of one south bay school district under scrutiny accused of skroewing test resul. >>> a library sitting without any books. it could stay that way for some time. what's stopping one south bay city for opening its newest library. >>> let's take a camera shot outside. this is a live look. attempting in the darkness to see your golden gate bridge. want to talk about smooth-flowing traffic? it doesn't get any better than that. it's still very early on this thursday, august 8. this is today in the fwa. >> right now it is 4:01 this morning. thanks for joining us, i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. laura garcia-cannon has the day off. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning marla and jon. temperatures this morning are nice and comfortable. not too cold out there. i will tell you plenty of drizzle around the bay and at the immediate coas
Aug 24, 2013 11:00pm EDT
- really? - yeah. we missed our connecting flight and we spent the entire day on dallas. then we spent a week on hawaii. i was on heaven. - we should play it. - well, there's no instructions. - it's dallas, the game. we can figure it out. - yeah. - i'm pretty good at board games. - well, shall we make it a little interesting? - sure. - what is this? - how did those get out? i'm sorry. - "professor copperfield's miracle legumes"? - i was in jamaica and i got lost. and it was getting dark this one night and then out of nowhere, this guy comes with a cart and he's selling these. dwigh he told me things about myself that there's no way he could have known. - that's a common swindler's trick. - probably. probably. so i buy some. i turn the corner. i feel like an idiot. so i go back to get my money. he was gone. - so you want to sell me magic beans? [laughs] - correction. i do not want to sell you professor copperfield's miracle legumes. - nice try. no, correction. terrible try. - michael called dad? - your friend michael, yes. what's going on? - um, i think i know, but i'll sound stup
Aug 21, 2013 11:00am PDT
country. that is dallas county. by a narrow 3-2 vote, dallas county commissioners voted last night to join a federal challenge to the state's voter i.d. law. now, that law requires voters to present photo i.d. to vote in person. it's one of the strictest in the nation. the law was passed in 2011 but has yet to be implemented because of a number of administrative and legal challenges, including one by the justice department. the stream court's decision this summer to strike down parts of the voter rights act cleared the way for the law's reinstatement. this joining me now, dallas county judge clay jenkins, who voted last night to join the federal lawsuit, and dallas county district attorney craig watkins. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having us. >> glad to be here. >> judge, let's talk about the numbers here. how many people do you believe are affected by this? as i pointed out, it's considered one of the strictest in the nation. judge, how many folks are you talking about? >> well, we're in the process of drilling down to that, but we have 220,000 of our 1.1 million re
Aug 8, 2013 4:30am EDT
. 105 in dallas. 104 in san antonio. it's going to be another scorching day in areas of the deep south. heat advisories are up for many spots. once again, 100 to 105. that hot forecast, as far as the airports go today, there will be a lot of clouds, showers and thunderstorms around new york city, philly, baltimore and d.c. a lot of big airports are going to have storms. that means a lot of big delays this afternoon. that's a look at your national forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. many days, with that front trying to move through, it's is going to spark showers and storms through ohio and kansas city all the way through areas of the northeast. once again, we're stuck in this pattern. people in the great lakes, northeast wondering where summer went while it's 105 in dallas. >> it's been an odd summer weather, it feels like. >> yes, it's been very extreme. >> extreme weather. thanks, bill. >>> jackie robinson defaced. the ft. hood shooter working towards his own execution. plus, the best and worst performing small cars when it comes to crash tests. "early to
Aug 11, 2013 4:30am PDT
identity solid, it was time for them to get into sales mode. >> next move was to head for the dallas market center. robin wells was one of the executives in charge. >> if you have a creative product and you want to take it to market, there's several ways but bringing it to a trade show, showing as many people as you can and finding someone to help you sell it, that's what goes on here ten times a year. >> we came to the dallas market, we were overwhelmed by how much stuff was here. we were pretty clueless. the advice we did get was to try to find a manufacturing rep or sales rep that can distribute your products and that has relationship with his retailers. >> as they walked through the trade show, they found a manufacturer's rep lit listed on the fourth floor. they took their chances and asked to speak to the owner of dallas based diverse marketing. >> they just came up to my door and asked to speak with me and said they had a great idea on this little box they were carrying. i said, well, what's it all about? christy told me, i can't tell you what's in the box. >> and he said, i do
Aug 9, 2013 11:00pm PDT
visita a los vaqueros de dallas en breve en "acción deportiva"' >>dicen que es alimento de los dioses, es la chia que reduce la sangre después de una comida, tiene muchos nutrientes y es antioxidante, baja de peso, vamos a ver el tiempo guillermo quiroz . >> llega el fin de semana las condiciones son agradables pero se mantiene las bajas presiones, la advertencia del norte de lluvias y fuertes vientos. (información en pantalla) no se ha movido el sistema de baja presión ya es viernes queremos que va a pasar este fin de semana nublados que llegan por la costa, a 7 millas por hora el viento. (información en pantalla) pàra la bahía el panorama es más agradable para la semana entrate el calor sube @p >>♪ amigos buenas noches esto es "acción deportiva" arranco la fecha número 5 en méxico gallos blancos enfrentó a chiapas, el chileno empujara y estremeciera la red, penal carlos ochoa sellaba el empate'. >> fue el debut para los dodgers con los vaqueros de dallas. se metieron en el territorio de los negros, pase a las manos en un avance pase a los delfines, miami temino c
Aug 19, 2013 12:00am EDT
colleagues. five or sixere were cases. anyone from dallas? a third of the cases occurred in dallas. we were able to use resources to help with abatement. you already heard about the boston marathon. to get theble community ready for that arming and other such events. this is not abstract. this is going on in your communities every day to make sure you are protected from public health threats. this is to give you a reality of what happened in your state and local health departments over the last decade. i would like to have platinum level public health for all americans if we can arrange that going forward. inre has been a decline public funding for response within your communities. with these slides. we are always trying to improve our program. there are a couple of things we are trying to do. one is to enhance global health efforts. pathogens do not need passports. they are crossing borders. we used to be lucky when the incubation was shorter than the time to get here. comingwere on a ship and from the united states, you pretty much knew and you could orenstein the ship. now if you ta
Aug 21, 2013 6:30pm PDT
conservador y tÚ con tu dinero. >>> hubo tensiÓn en el town hall en dallas, texas, para buscar o co formas de frenar la rdeforma de salud, conocida como obcama car, varios manifestantes interrmp e interrumpieron al senador por x texas, ted cruz las interrup'cionecarro cuers v varias ocasiones, carlos nbbo l botifoll ataestaba ahÍ. >>> cuando uno de los favoritos de los repuhbs coblicanos cons e conservadores, ted cruz t hablaba de impedir el obcama care, un joven le grito del su sufrimiento de su familia y del 60 % de los seis millones sin seguro medico son hispanos >>> muchos respaldan el plan de cruz para privar de fondos al l llamado obcama care, a una cuc t cuestionan la prÁctica de hasta paralizar el gobierno para log lograrlo. >>> grupos hispanos ho persiguen al senador republicano para roprotestar por sus po posiciones extremas, y dicen que le causa extraÑeza que un hijo de un inmigrante cubano se opona oponga al la rfefmeforma migra. >>> para muchos cruz es una es l estrella en ascenso de los rep b republicanos pero comentarios, agresividad le han causado problemas con miembros
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. >>my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houston, texas. >>i'm kim bondy. >>nicole deford. >>and i'm from new orleans. >>san francisco, california. when i was a little kid, i just really loved the news. >>news was always important in my family. >>i knew as a kid that was exactly what i wanted to do. >>i learned to read by reading the newspaper with my great-grandfather every morning. >>and i love being able to tell other people stories. >>this is it, i want to be a part of this. >>this is what really drove me to al jazeera america. >> very much followed one of the two main camps. when they were aligned with the brotherhood and morsi, they kind of towed that line because they were against th. and like she said, they have no problem with a crackdown on the brotherhood by the military. and right now they really don't have leadership that is in the public sphere. they don't have someone who can speak on their behalf. they don't have someone who represents their opinions, and that makes it very difficult for them to rea
Aug 12, 2013 11:35pm EDT
. everybody, i want you to welcome dallas to the show! what's up! the beautiful and sexy kelly raspberry. w oprah shut down. this started an international incident. >> this is probably going to blow your mind. britney spears is going into the meatball business. >> makes sense to me. >> have you heard about the new east coast-west coast rivalry? the kardashians versus the obamas. cris j kris jenner is firing back. >> shaq, lindsay lohan. is that a recipe for disaster? >> they would be the best celebrity couple name. >> shohan. kim kardashian and kanye west. >> this is sweet 16. one of the biggest birthday parties you have. and they didn't even show up. >> let's see what's going on in dallas. >> k-fed got hitched. kevin federline went to the hard rock hotel and he eloped with his baby mama victoria prince. >> she's actually a very, very pretty girl. >> yeah. he proposed on monday and got married on tuesday. >> did he do the elvis thing? >> obviously. >> what's weird is britney is starting her biggest show. since she's there she thought she might as well start a lucrative business on the side
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 2:00am EDT
stories. hi, my name is jonathan betz, and i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. i started in a small television station in rural arkansas. it's a part of the country that often gets overlooked. but there are a lot of fascinating people there, a lot of fascinating stories there. i like that al jazeera will pay attention to those kinds of places. what drew me to journalism is i like the idea that we are documenting history. al jazeera documents it like none other. and to be a journalist, and to be part of a team like that? that's an incredible blessing. [♪ music ] >> major developments out of japan regarding the water leak out of the fukushima water plant. the warning has been raised from the level one to a level three. the level three category means the exposure is ten times the amount for workers. they have not issued a warning of this time since the reactor meltdowns from the su tsunami of 2011. does this leak pose an immediate threat to anyone? >> well, certainly the nuclear regulational authority thinks it does. they describe this as a deepening cri
Aug 28, 2013 6:00pm PDT
partido vencieron por un 1 a 0,, tras empatar a dallas, solo han periddo uno, el sábado vistiaran al la galaxy y los gigantes vencieron a los colorados. los campeones están a 18, san francisco jugará 6 más. >> los Ángeles están en primero,. y un novato de manchester fue elgido y dieron de baja a otros jugadores. >> jornada 4, sdan diego contra san francisco buenas tardes. >> los expertos en temas laborales estarán respondiendo dudas hasta la 7 de la tardee. >> buenas noches déjame mostrarr las imágenes de puente de la bahía a eso de lñas 7 730 estarán cerrando, todos los detalles a las 11. >> por ahora le agradezco su atención, muchas gracias ♪ >>> hoy es miÉrcoles 28 de agosto del 2013 y estos son los titulares. tropas y barcos y aviones estÁn listos en el mediterrÁneo esperando una orden de ataque contra blancos de siria. el presidente obama dijo que no tomÓ una decision. y se cumplen 50 aÑos del discurso de martin luther king. >>> y en mÉxico el hallazgo de la vÍctima nÚmero 13 podrÍa llevar al autor de la masacre del bar heaven. y maduro vuelve a provocar crit
Aug 8, 2013 7:00pm EDT
the dallas cowboys in 2005. they had some familiarity with each other, and it helps >> they have both just passed their 30th birthdays, both in a new situation, both ravens now. with the wisdom of the years but the excitement of rookies. and for marcus spears and chris canty, when thoughts return to those early days, it is as teammates as dallas cowboys. speiers was the 20th player taken in the 2005 draft. canty dropped to the fourth round, but once training camp began it was a whole new ball game. >> i remember when marcus and i were drafted in dal as together. it was an exciting class to be with marcus, barber and burnett. it was a tremendous opportunity for us to come together and develop. >> we came in isaiah wide open, bushy tails. you line up against adams, lonard allen and davis, big guys like that who has been playing great football for a long time. that has a lot to do with being the type of players we are now. bill parcells was our first coach. it was a wealth of knowledge. >> coach parcells threw us into the far. i remember my first nine on seven, and they double-teamed me.
Aug 25, 2013 6:00pm EDT
. second down and six upcoming. first drive of the second half. rob ryan. dallas defense ravaged by injurieses last year. >> brian: keep in mind sean payton had come from the cowboys under parcels. had a close relationship with jerry jones. they chose to let go of rob ryan. you know that conversation had to be had between jones and ryan. he's an excellent football coach. he's been a coordinator nine years. he's been through seven head coaches. this is the most stable situation he's been in from oakland to cleveland. even in dallas. we know what comes with the dallas cowboys. with payton this is the most stable situation rob ryan has been in. >> thom: yates. had a wide open receiver. new york jets under enormous criticism today after what transpired last night bringing mark sanchez into the game in the fourth quarter. sanchez took a vicious hit for marvin austin. they hope he'll be all right after a disapointing start by geno smith. johnson levelled. that's kenny mccarl coming up to put the hat on him. third down and goal. today is a tough day for rex ryan. >> brian: it's an emotiona
Aug 21, 2013 7:00am EDT
cruz, en dallas, que se alimentÓ los rumores que tiene aspiraciones presidenciales, cruz naciÓ en canadÁ, y respondiÓ a cuestionamiento de su elegibilidad para ser presidente, dijo que es ciudadano de estados unidos por ley, y ratificÓ el deseo de renunciar a la ciudadanÍa canadiense. dice que nunca es tarde cuando la dicha es buena. >>> los miami dolphins recibieron un homenaje pendiente, el presidente obama, recibiÓ al plantel 40 aÑos luego de coronarse campeones invictos del super bowl, desde hace quince aÑos un jugador escribiÓ cartas a los mandatarios para agasajar al equipo, cuando obama los compensÓ con la foto del recuerdo en la mansiÓn ejecutiva. estÁn de fiesta en miami, y ya lo sabe, si quiere mÁs detalles de lo compartido hasta el momento, visite univisiÓn noticias. com, desde su computadora o mÓvil, continuamos con mÁs en este ombligo de la semana en "despierta amÉrica", adelante. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> vamos. >>> quiÉn? >>> es que la amo. >>> oye. oye. >>> no es de los que nos enteram enteramos, jacqueline andere celebrÓ sus cumpleaÑos. felic
Aug 6, 2013 5:00pm PDT
desbloquear una arteria del corazÓn el problema fue detectado en una clÍnica de dallas donde determinaron que era necesario colocarle un... el ex mandatario de 6 # 7 aÑos podrÁ reanudar sus actividades esta misma semana. >> para hablar de esta cirugÍa y otros temas de salud nos acompaÑa nuestro doctor juan rivera, bienvenido doctor. >> hola ¿cÓmo estÁs?. >> ¿es un procedimiento comÚn?. >> es una alerta para todo, si le pasÓ al presidente que hacÍa ejercicio nos puede pasar a cualquiera, fue a su mÉdico y le hicieron una prueba de esfuerzo y estÁ midiendo... un catÉter que le ponen a travÉs de la ingle y podemos ver imÁgenes de su arte ray se encuentra una arte ray tapada se introduce una mallita que vemos en pantalla, que lo que hace expande esa arte ray para restaurar el flujo sanguÍneo y el que oxÍgeno es a bastante comÚn ni este caso le pudo haber salvado la vida. >> algo preventivo la importancia de siempre ir a su chequeo anual y siempre consultar su mÉdico y estar pendientes de su corazÓn, muy importantes. >> prevenciÓn claro. >> vamos a pasar a ot
Aug 8, 2013 6:00am PDT
homes in the dallas area. we just learned two of the injured are boys, 11 1357and 13 years old. one man is behind bars and police say is responsible for pulling the trigger first in dallas and then in the nearby home of desoto. when police got to the scene, they found four people with gunshot wounds, two people were pronounced dead right there. authorities say the same man fled to nearby desoto where he opened fire again, killing two more people and wounding two others. lelene smith says her daughter and granddaughter are among the dead. >> i came back in and went to nia's room. that's where i found her mom. hopefully they didn't suffer long. >> ms. smith says the shooter was her daughter's boip boyfriend. no word on the condition of the her four victims. >>> in oakland police continue gathering more information as they look into the disappearance of sandra coke. officers left her home with two bags of evidence yesterday afternoon. coke, for the record, is an investigator for the federal defenders office. she was last seen sunday night when family members say she was going to walgre
Aug 15, 2013 1:00pm EDT
we are now in the housing recovery. also ahead on the program, the power house. today, dallas finds out how much home your money could buy in the big d. >>> as we head out, a big down day in the market. look again at the percentage of losers in the nasdaq, led by cisco. john chambers reporting on that interview. instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. so you want to drive more safely? of smart. stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new ki
Aug 1, 2013 5:35am PDT
la policia de f en un suburbio de dallas texas detuvo a george zimmerman por exceso de velocidad, zimmerman llevaba una pistola en la guantera de la camioneta, el policia le pide la licencia de manejo, el agente le dice revisa la informaciÓn y luego lo deja retirarse tras una advertencia >>> un chofer de autobÚs fue acusado por la muerte de una bebÉ de 8 meses, pasando la calzada, llevÁndose por adelante el coche de la niÑa Ángeles paredes >>> autoridades en texas detuvieron a 50 indocumentados en el estado de este lugar. lucÍa tiene mÁs detalles. >>> 20 mujeres y hombres indocumentados salieron choy de las sombras, para ser arrestado por el servicio de inmigraciÓn de aduanas ice, todo comenzÓ cuando un hombre estaba caminando en ropa interior en las calles, el hombre dijo que Él y su esposa estaban secuestrados en la casa el sol, muchos salieron corriendo cuando vieron llegar a las autoridades jn autobÚs entrÓ y habÍan en bolas muchas personas >>> ahora se busca al strtrafice responsable >>> otra redada en esta pequeÑa casa habÍan escondidos 32 inmigrantes indocu
Aug 13, 2013 2:05am EDT
the chief pastor of the potter's house, a nondenominational mega church in dallas with one big message. bring back the american family. he is hoping to do that again through an event he's hosting called mega family 2014. he's going to do it this time in dallas, your hometown. >> i'm excited about bringing it to dallas. >> we're so glad you are back with us today. >> it's wonderful to be here. >> it's a huge event. we're talking about not just thousands of people, right. more than, what, 100,000? >> the last time we had it in america we broke all records at the georgia dome of about 100,000 people per day. we've had it in johannesburg as well. so it's an international meeting and people come from all over the world. >> i would say, maybe i'm wrong, the biggest problem in our entire culture is the breakdown of the american family. am i close to being right? >> i think it is. and the stats bear that out. and we're really trying to strengthen the family on all levels. they don't have to be perfect families to come. they can be broken families, mixed families, blended families. what
Aug 24, 2013 11:00pm PDT
excelente dallas se anota la victoria 4 a 8 mala suerte de sanchez lesionado de la 33 los yets ganan 24 a 21 los 49ers se enfrentan a los vikingos de minesota y los heartquakes de san josé adelantan. >> se van a los playoffs los de hearthquakes? >> claro. >>estan cerca de chivas usa. >> y al volver les mostramos imágenes de oso panda gigante que nació por inseminación artificial en zoológico. detalles de esta y otras noticias en breves instantes al volver de la pausa comercial. ♪. >> en el zoológico de washington nació un oso panda gigante la madre lo cuido de manera inmediata y se verifica la paternidad pues tiene inseminación de oso de san diego y de otro panda de otro zoológico. >> (risas). >> ya sabemos porque a sandoval le dicen el panda. >> (risas). >> gracias. con esto llegamos al final de esta edición, muchas gracias por su atención, y quédese en sintonía pues a continuación sigue el noticiero nacional univision. muy buenas noches. >> ♪. un ataque de estados unidos generarÍa una bola de fuego que arderÍa en todo medio oriente. fabiliares de jÓvenes
Aug 8, 2013 6:00am EDT
developing story in dallas. police there arrested a man for a shooting spree that ended with four people dead, four others injuries and children are among the victims. >> investigators say the man shot four people in his ex-girlfriend's home in dallas. she wasn't there. he then went about seven miles and tossed an explosive device into a house. after it detonated he went in and shot four people, including his ex-girlfriend. federal investigators are assisting now with dallas police in this investigation. >> and we are al following a developing story here, in southeast d.c., three people in custody this morning after shooting. at a separate scene, nearby someone shot an a.k. 47 at a police officer, who then fired back. the weapon was recovered, we are told the suspect got away. six people hospitalized after an apartment fire. >> this is on denver street. john gonzales is also there, he joins us with what happened. >> still a lot of activity here. d.c. police still posted here, they are protecting the scene, trying to keep people away. and d.c. firefighters also here trying to prevent any
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 8:00pm EDT
from dallas, texas, and i'm n betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for >>> welcome back to al jazeera. i'm john siegenthaler. the state department says it cannot conclusively determine if chemical weapons are used on syrian civilians. opposition forces claim hundreds died after the rocket attack including some first responders. >>> the fire near yosemite has now tripled in size. it is only 2% contained down from 5% yesterday. >>> former egyptian president, hosni mubarak was released from prison today. >>> the syrian government denies using chemical weapons on its own people, we have more now from rob mathis. >> reporter: a day after hundreds of syrians, including women and children were killed and injured, a search among the dead for missing relatives. syrian opposition says more than 1300 people died. an occasion strongly denied by the president's government. but the shocking pictures of the victims have brought swift international condemnation. >> reporter: >> translator: if proven our position in france is that there needs to be a reaction. what does that mean? not to se
Aug 24, 2013 11:00pm PDT
2-0 and dallas got on the board 3 minutes later. dallas got a chance to tie a minute and 72. michael that's -- kicks one way and john bush. the game ended a tie. it is currently held by dallas. >>> the raiders have been searching for a franchise quarterback. after 3 preseason games the guyn the roster, he's making his date. the latest chapte oakland's quarterback carousel. >> it was not all quarterback matt felony fault fin fault. >> they're passionate fans and you know fans expect a certain level of performance and we did not meet that. >> most of the performance came against the bear second defense. he finished with a quarterback a touchdown and that gave the fans a chance to feel a little b. >> the coach was making plays so definitely i noticed that. >> last night's game, the coach says he would have to take a look at his quarterback's situation so maybe a change is coming. >> i am not sure >>. i am going to go out there and just play the best that i can >> i am not looking for get into who's going to start, right now i am leaning on my teammates and my teammates are lean
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 3:00am EDT
say the same? and i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. i started in a small television station in rural arkansas. it's a part of the country that often gets overlooked. but there are a lot of fascinating people there, a lot of fascinating stories there. i like that al jazeera will pay attention to those kinds of places. what drew me to journalism is i like the idea that we are documenting history. al jazeera documents it like none other. and to be a journalist, and to be part of a team like that? that's an incredible blessing. what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >>they share it on the stream. >>social media isn't an afterthought. it drives discussion across america. >>al jazeera america social media community, on tv and online. >>this is your outlet for those conversations. >>post, upload, and interact. >>every night, share undiscovered stories. be and let me just show you what 13,000 people living under canvas looks like. they built this from scratch. the camp need clean water, sanitation. there is a lot that stil
Aug 25, 2013 1:00am PDT
and humid. dallas 98. 92 st. louis. a little cool downyork city tomw york city tomorrow. 82 degrees. but some monsoonal moisture thanks to a tropical system just off the southern tip of baja throwing those isolated showers and thunderstorms into arizona and even into southern california. palm springs 90 degrees. possibly an isolated thunderstorm. unfortunately it looks like some of these lightning strikes would be dry lightning strikes just near yosemite which is something they do not need. temperatures around the bay area, look for low 80s inland, 60s and 50s at the coast. monday and tuesday pretty much steady in terms of temperatures. and then wednesday and thursday we climb close it -- close to 90 inland and 80 near the bay and mid60s near the coast. cooler tomorrow. >> thank you so much, leigh. >>> people ran for their lives during the first ever great bull run held in the u.s. inspired by the spanish spectacle, the run was held at a drag racing strip in virginia. there was one minor injury. the run is scheduled to be held in the bay area next june though there set location just
Aug 18, 2013 2:00pm PDT
top. the dallas cowboys, that's followed by the patriots, jets, saints and giants. does it mean dallas is america's team? i have to tell you, i come from a family of dallas cowboys fans and they are die hard. >> the cowboys won one playoff game since 1996 and not america's team. america's team is the team number 14 on the list, the green bay packers. look at the packers. the packers are the only professional team that is owned by the public. they have this great history and they've actually won a world championship in this century which your dallas cowboys have not done that. >> all right. you didn't have to remind me of that, okay? we can't let you go before we take a look at the bottom five. detroit is 28. tampa bay and then arizona at number 30, the falcons are next to last and the oakland raiders are right there at the bottom. what do you think? why are these teams at the bottom? >> pam, as you can tell, i probably don't think too much about this survey and only thing to figure out is they don't have a star on the helmet or play in a $1.2 billion stadium. outside of that, i
Aug 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
dallas, actualmente están septimo lugar con tan solo 3 del quinto lugar. >> en santa clara jim busca receptores por la baja de (hablan en inglés) , este domingo vera posicion estelar y austin podrán tomar ventaja. >> en esta ocasion carmona quedo fuera por una lesion, se desarrollo por harvey. >> faltan 37 partidos en campeones y están a 14 juegos de calificacion, a partir del jueves inician ante piratas y el lunes 26 de agosto por colorada, así lucen los juegos. >> (información en pantalla) . >> (información en pantalla) . >> marco fabian descarta la millónaria de jugar en qatar, pero sí se va corona que se va al twente de holanda, hasta aquí deportes. >> pequeños pacientes del hospital se encontraron con sus súper herores. >> batman, capitán américa limpian las ventanas y se tomaron fotografias. >> quedaron sorprendidos y les ayuda a sobrellevar la enfermedad. >> la risa el mejor antidoto (♪). >> estas son las noticias de miÉrcoles 21 de agosto de 2013 esto es lo mÁs importante que tenemos para hoy. >> desesperados estÁn dos jÓvenes a quiÉnes encarcelaron
Aug 24, 2013 11:00pm PDT
about it. if you are traveling around the country, boy, hot and humid. dallas 98. 92 st. louis. a little cool down for new york city tomorrow. 82 degrees. but some monsoonal moisture thanks to a tropical system just off the southern tip of baja throwing those isolated showers and thunderstorms into arizona and even into southern california. palm springs 90 degrees. possibly an isolated thunderstorm. unfortunately it looks like some of these lightning strikes would be dry lightning strikes just near yosemite which is something they do not need. temperatures around the bay area, look for low 80s inland, 60s and 50s at the coast. monday and tuesday pretty much steady in terms of temperatures. and then wednesday and thursday we climb close it -- close to 90 inland and 80 near the bay and mid60s near the coast. cooler tomorrow. >> thank you so much, leigh. >>> people ran for their lives during the first ever great bull run held in the u.s. inspired by the spanish spectacle, the run was held at a drag racing strip in virginia. there was one minor injury. the run is scheduled to be held in the
Aug 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
let me give that time toin amern eight. if you look just here in dallas, about one in four. really, i think we could not be in a much better place than america to have this discussion right now. i am joined by a fabulous panel of experts. usy are going to enlighten and him pack the relationship between growth in texas. many have probably seen him on tv. it ordered member of the wall street journal, he writes about immigration, taxes, many things. i am sure you have read his articles. he has been an advocate for years, a scholar, and we are privileged to have you here, steve. thank you for coming. youthing you do well is look state-by-state a lot. you talk about growth and you look at the state and evidence. and what are growing role are immigrants playing in the country? >> first of all, when amity called me and asked me to come here to dallas to speak, i leapt amthe opportunity, because i an admirer of george w. bush. thank you for the invitation. thunder a little bit when you talk about four percent growth year it i would add to what you said, that i do not think we can accomplis
Aug 8, 2013 6:30am EDT
shooting rampage near dallas and one of its suburbs. we learned in the past half hour the suspect is now in police custody. they're saying they're not releasing the name, including any connection he has to the victims. police say, however, the man was looking for his ex- girlfriend, so when he went to one of the houses, she wasn't there. two people were found dead inside, two others injured. police say the alleged gunman then went to a second home 15 minutes away and opened fire there. two people died in that house, two others hurt. we're going to stay on this story throughout the course of the morning. also you will hear more about it on "good morning america." for the very latest in breaking news, you can always stay with us on twitter at abc 2 news hashtag gmm. >>> 6:45 right now. demonstrations, public outcry and passionate pleas in front of city council did very little for those who are against a tax break for a developer in harbor east. many say this is a bad deal for people who live in the city and city leaders say it has to be done. abc 2 news' roosevelt leftwich is is live to expla
Aug 1, 2013 4:00am PDT
over for speeding in forney, texas, monday. that's about 20 miles east of dallas. he was released with a warning and told the police officer there was a gun in the car. dash cam video from the police car shows sunday's traffic stop. an unidentified police officer pulls over a pickup truck with florida license plates. in the driver's seat, george zimmerman. zimmerman, who was at the center of one of the most reshally charged murder cases in recent memory, was traveling alone. the officer doesn't seem to recognize him. where are you heading to? >> nowhere in particular? >> why do you say that? [ inaudible ] >> what a coincidence. >> zimmerman then alerts the officer that he has a firearm in the glove compartment. >> are you cleared of warrants and stuff? >> absolutely. >> take it easy. shut your glove compartment and don't play with your firearm, okay? >> the officer lets zimmerman off with a warning and reminds him to drive safely. after details of the traffic stop were made public, zimmerman's brother robert sent the following tweet. our family receives many death threats. we all
Aug 9, 2013 4:00am EDT
, another voice joined the chorus calling for a september start to tapering fed asset purchases. the dallas federal reserve bank richard fisher told maria bartiromo if current conditions remained, he believes the central bank would begin winding down its bond buying plan next month. >> we're all singing from the same song book, so it is the same message, maria, which is it -- if things go as the committee expected, i would expect us to dial back. we'll have to see what the data and the feeling is between now and the time we next meet in september. >> if 6.5% was the fed's marker in terms of where employment should be, can they begin -- i'm glad you said, you know, begin to wind down and just so it is not a tremendous move, because that's important, because i think the way they exit here is very important in terms of the market impact, right? >> if you really look at what we have said in print and in everybody's statements, including the chairman, and that is that we would hope to end those asset purchases as we approach 7% unemployment, the base rate, which is a fed funds rate, which anchor
Aug 20, 2013 5:00am EDT
law. >> after a kickoff last night in arkansas, the town hall road show rolls on. next stop, dallas. >> there is no more important regulatory reform we can do than to reveal every single word of obamacare. >> senator cruz and the heritage foundation hoping to whip up enough support to gut president obama's affordable care act. >> the one unifying principal in the republican party is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> this as a potential government shutdown looms, whether government funding and health care funding should be linked. will these town halls help republicans gain momentum? >> we're here, we're loud, we're proud and we're going to fight tooth and nail to make sure congress stops this. >> two groups are spreading the word in town halls and others are spreading the word in tv ads like this one. fears among some republicans that this could backfire, losing support for a republican party trying to rebuild itself. >> shutdowns are not good a move at all. i think most americans are center right like we are and want limited government. >> now, after dal
Aug 14, 2013 5:00am PDT
el norte de texas, sigue en el sur con aviso de tormentas severas para dallas, ese tipo de aviso, la temperatura muy cÁlida, gran parte de texas con calor, el suroeste del paÍs, tambiÉn, con temperaturas de cien a 105 y 107 en algunos sectores, y sobre todo en dallas, que tuvo tanto calor de mÁs de cien grados, maÑana la situaciÓn mejora, desciende a 15 grados, 89, riesgo de chubascos, tormentas, posibilidad que la temperatura continÚen no tan cÁlidas como en dÍas anteriores, chubascos y tormentas abarcando a mississippi, alabama, georgia, y la florida, y temperaturas cÁlidas que continuaran en toda la zona, por mÁs de 90 grados, incluyendo todo el estado de la florida, bueno, tiempo seco estuvo en el sur de la florida, y viene lluvia, ustedes que nos ven en miami, desde el jueves, una onda tropical que hay q vigilar. >>> potencial de desarrollo tropical, en el noreste, esperando alivio, bueno, tuvimos mucha lluvia hoy en el corredor de la i 95, pasa y frente, maÑana 78, muchos sectores comenzarÁ el dÍa con 49, 53 grados, en la tarde, se queda con 78, condiciones ag
Aug 8, 2013 12:00pm CDT
man accused of. the investigation in dallas after a man went on the fatal shooting spree. a warning to u.s. air with customers. they admit that there has been a security breach. israel has temporarily shut down the airport until further notice. the spokesperson would only say that the decision was made due to the security assessment. the city as a popular tourist destination. more details as they become available. another drama attack targeted at all, the. this time a drug habit c >> x attacks have killed at least 29 people in yemen in the last two weeks. the latest comes a day after officials say they stopped the terrorists from ceasing to major oil and gas export terminals. all of this comes after the close down embassies and consulates because of a possible terrorist threat. >> allegedly of dr. a 16 year old on sunday in southern california. he is accused of killing her mother and that appears her brother is vehicle spotted in northern california and southern oregon. the accord is a they are receiving a lot of tips. a shooting spree is planning to cities left four people dead and
Aug 6, 2013 2:30am PDT
pretty once the sun comes up. as far as the heat goes, it was 102 yesterday in dallas. this is five days in a row and right through this week into the weekend, easily 100 plus. dallas, you're going to go 10 to 15 days in a row of 100-degree heat. there are some showers and storms around d.c. this morning. once you're north of d.c. from philly, you'll be dry today. enjoy it while it lasts. we only have one or two more of these nonhumid days left in new england. >>> coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," much more on the a-rod suspension. why the slugger deserves the suspension. when we come back here, we'll huddle around the cooler. late night hosts are loving the chance to hit the pinata known as a-rod. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain. little things anyone can do. it steals your memories. your independence. ensures support, a breakthrough. and sooner than you'd like. sooner than you'd think. you die from alzheimer's disease. we cure alzheimer's disease. every little click, call or donation adds up to something big. woman: what do you mean, homeown
Aug 2, 2013 6:30pm PDT
-rated network for subscribers in some of the biggest markets like new york city los angeles and dallas. julia has the latest. >> reporter: they couldn't agree on a deal how much timewarner cable should pay cbs for the contents for subscribers. what happened is there is a black out. if you turn on cbs in new york los angeles and dallas, your screen will have a statement from timewarner cable saying cbs demanded an outrage use increase for programming and the statement directs you to a website called twc to show people how to find ways to access this content without getting it on television. tyler, it's not just cbs but show time. all of the show time subscribers among timewarner cable's 11 million have lost access to show time. now cbs shot back with it's statement saying that this is an ill advised action, that is affective to viewers and timewarner cable. the two companies are flame throwing. they can't come to an agreement. and in the meantime, it consumers that lose out. >> thank you very much. >>> and a sober remainder that business owners and travelers live in a
Al Jazeera America
Aug 27, 2013 12:00am EDT
barrier for migrants to dallas and beyond. human smugglers have found ways to evade the checkpoint. migrants rush out of the smugglers' vehicles and hide in the bush. then he they are led on a long march through miles of rough country. anyone who can't keep up or gets hurt or sick is left behind. and most of those people simply never make it out of the forest alive. these photos are of corpses found on the sprawling ranches, exhaust, heat stroke and thirst can kill a person in hours. >> you find them deteriorated like it's a horror movie. you're missing skin, limbs, or eyeballs, you know, that's a sad situation. >> reporter: recently in an effort to identify some of the bodies the sheriff's department oversaw the exhumation of dozens of unmarked graves. those remains were taken here to baylor university in waco, where they're being examined by a team of forensic specialists. >> the job is opening them, starting to see what information we can put together, case reports and figure out who this individual would have been during life. >> reporter: dr. baker tries to match remains with
Aug 8, 2013 4:00am PDT
his normal schedule today. he was released from a dallas hospital on wednesday after undergoing surgery to place a stint in a blocked heart artery. >>> the national oceanic and atmospheric administration released an updated forecast for the 2013 atlantic hurricane season. and also happy birthday to roger federer who turns 32. connie stevens, 75. and oscar winner dustin hoffman turns 76. >>> keep . >>> we are following breaking news a. shooting rampage in the dallas area involving at least two different locations. we're learning children are among the victims. we'll have all the datest details next. >>> the head of one south bay school district under scrutiny accused of skroewing test resul. >>> a library sitting without any books. it could stay that way for some time. what's stopping one south bay city for opening its newest library. >>> let's take a camera shot outside. this is a live look. attempting in the darkness to see your golden gate bridge. want to talk about smooth-flowing traffic? it doesn't
FOX News
Aug 30, 2013 3:00am PDT
could not have been a coincidence. we'll explain. "fox & friends" from dallas and new york starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ "fox & friends" ♪ ♪ >>anna: almost the unofficial end of summer. folks are getting ready for labor day weekend and we are too. we're finishing our all american summer concert series. today we have country superstar justin moore. >>tucker: they're amazing already before 6 a.m. good morning, ladies and gentlemen. brian kilmeade, where are you? >>brian: here's the thing. i know it's tradition for the anchors to screw together the stage every thursday night leading into friday morning. i feel bad you two had to do it yourself because i'm out on the road. >>tucker: it was a labor of love. >>brian: how much room is there on the couch right now? tremendous. >>anna: we miss you. >>tucker: you're in dallas, texas. what are you doing there? >>brian: this is the seventh patriot golf day. as you guys know and hopefully you know at home, this day people go out anywhere you golf to participate in clubs, and a portion of the proceeds of the green fees on that day go to the
Aug 20, 2013 4:00pm EDT
canadian citizenship well get to in a minute will take the stage in dallas to explain why now is the time for a government shutdown if democrats won't help repeal president obama's signature health care law. >> obama care is at its most vulnerable it's ever been right now. there's bipartisan agreement it's not working. the wheels are coming off. the unions are jumping ship. >> defunding obama care is just as much his signature issue as the actual law is president obama. he's is so attendees probably shouldn't expect the main act to stray too far from the hits that always produce the biggest applause. >> they say this is a fool's errand. you're tilting at windmills. if we can hold 41 republicans in the u.s. senate, or 218 republicans in the u.s. house, we can defund obama care. heritage action, the political branch of the same heritage foundation which invented the individual health care mandate in the 1990s and which is promoting the tour kicked things off last night in fayetteville, arkansas with seven more cities to go after dallas. unfortunately, the tour has already played with mishap
Aug 18, 2013 10:30am EDT
dallas, and while we were together... just, maybe out of the blue, you stood up and you came over and you laid hands on me and began to pray. and spoke a word of prophecy and you said, "david, there's something you've been praying about and you don't have the answer. but i'm gonna tell you that the lord is saying to me, that before this week is over, your answer's going to come." and i thought to myself, "sure." but i'll tell you what, mike, i want you to know, before the week was over, god answered that prayer that i've been praying for a long time, and i just wanna thank you. thank you for being faithful. thank you for speaking that word over my life. and i know you're gonna speak a word over the lives of millions of people tonight as they're watching. and i believe that that same word that came to pass in my life, is going to come to pass in their life tonight, as you bring the word of the lord. so i'm so glad you're at campmeeting. i wish i was there to hug your neck. but we can feel his presence here and i know it's thick there in charlotte, at the city of light, and the presence of
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